ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Residents were warned about a potential scammer trying to take money on behalf of the Discovery Center Museum last Monday, but it turns out that person was just a guy trying to raise money for his church.

Saint Mary’s Oratory in Rockford is selling raffle tickets to buy a new boiler, so the parish is selling raffle tickets to help pay for the project. Miscommunication ensued and the Discovery Center issued a warning.

The church hopes to get back on track with its restoration now that things are cleared up.

“We’re actually going to be installing air conditioning inside the church, which is a brand new thing for this 140 year old building. We’ll make it much more comfortable for everyone to come in the summer,” said raffle manager Holly Hilby. “So, we’re really excited to come into phase 2 of this restoration, and the raffle is obviously a huge part of that fundraiser.”

Saint Mary’s is the second oldest Catholic church in Rockford and the first parish to be built on the west side of the Rock River.