ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — One Rockford museum is telling local stories in honor of Black History Month.

Midway Village Museum has some special exhibits going. One, titled “A Sociable City: African-American Clubs in Mid-Century Rockford,” shows how the city’s Black community created their own social outlets during segregation.

A curator who worked on the project said that the research process was very interesting.

“After doing some of this research, you really feel connected to the research that you do and the information that you find,” said Spencer Mosner, archives and collections department at Midway Village. “So, looking at the El Dorado Club, the Tuxedo Club, the Lush Head Club, it’s almost… you want to go back to that time, and you want to be there and you want to go into the clubs, but unfortunately you have to live vicariously through the information you find and the pictures and the stories from other people that tell them.”

More Black history exhibits are on display throughout February at the museum.