(WTVO) — Many people are preparing for the worst as Hurricane Ian approaches Florida, and that includes a former stateline resident.

The Stillman Valley graduate and her husband were told they would have to evacuate their home Tuesday morning, and while they are doing everything they can to be prepared, she said that it does not feel real.

“We’ve evacuated from our house, so my husband is taking our dog up to our friends house that live north of us and I’ll be down at the hospital, so hopefully we have a house on Friday,” said Elle Koll.

Koll grew up in the Rockford area. She and her husband moved to Sarasota, Florida, about five years ago, buying their first house in January. This will be the first hurricane that the Midwest couple will experience.

“A lot of my friends that are from here, there hasn’t been a bad hurricane here in like 50 years, so they don’t remember, like, they don’t know, so everyone is kind of unsure,” Koll said.

Koll and her husband took all the necessary precautions before the storm hits, she said. They spent the weekend putting up hurricane shutters on the windows, stacked sand bags up next to the outside doors and stuffed towels and sheets into any open crack.

“My parents are in Rockford and they graciously are ready to come down Friday if we need with the truck, and they have a big trailer, so if something happens to our house they are going to come help us clean up,” Koll said.

Koll is a nurse at a hospital there, and while she believes that she and her husband will be ok, she will be on lockdown in the hospital during the storm. She is concerned about the homeless people she regularly sees and if they will be able to find shelter.

“I still worry because my patients aren’t always able to participate and have access to cell phones and stuff,” Koll said. “I worry where some of them are going to be.”

Along with getting their house ready, they also made sure that their cars were full of gas. They had to go to five different gas station to ding enough to fill up, according to Koll.