ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A 10-year-old has been released from the hospital after being shot on 5th Avenue Friday night.

Rockford Police said the child suffered minor injuries after bullets came through the wall of a house in the 1600 block around 6:05 p.m.

Angela Spotts said she was sitting in her living room nearby when she heard gunshots outside.

“I could tell they were right out(side) the window this time, and more than 8, several, all in a row, loud, loud, loud!” she recalled.

After hearing the shots, she called the police.

“I did not know it was a kid until my daughter (came) up, about an hour later, flying up the stairs,” she continued. “[She said] I think it was a little kid!’ [and] I’m like, ‘oh my goodness!'”

Spotts said it feels to her as if drive-by shootings are coming from all directions and neighbors don’t feel safe in their own homes.

She said the parents of her daughter’s friends won’t allow them to come over to visit because they fear for their children’s safety.

“As a parent, to another parent, I can’t say I…blame you,” Spotts said. “Our neighborhood has been on the news at least every week, every weekend. I’m like: is it going to give up because the cold has come? Is everyone finally going to go inside?”

Spotts said her children are teenagers but younger children live on the rest of her block.

She said she plans to get a Ring Doorbell camera and is asking that other neighbors, if they see something, to say something.

Rockford Police have not released any information on possible suspects in the shooting, or motive.