ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The State of Illinois is trying to help get people back to work.

Three local organizations received workforce training grants to train and support those struggling to find a job. Two of the grant recipients said that they are excited to help others reach their career dreams.

“We’ve been working on the concept of workforce development using a career pathways model, and whenever the opportunity came to apply for this grant, it was just the right fit at the right time for us,” said Kris Machajewski, CEO of YWCA Northwestern Illinois.

Machajewski is happy to be able to lift up the community by helping others find good jobs. She said that the YWCA’s focus is on technology and getting women interested in STEM.

“Be several cohorts of computer training that will be going on that will each include certifications,” Machajewski said. “So from front and web development certification to a compete TIA plus certification, and there are other certifications they can learn.”

Comprehensive Community Solutions will get $300,000 through the grant.

“Here at Comprehensive Community Solutions, we definitely want to invest in our youth because they are the future of Rockford, and we want them to become an asset to our community,” said Claudia Consuelos, program manager at Comprehensive Community Solutions.

Consuelos said that the plan to promote programs for CNA, truck driving and culinary arts. Executive Director William Chatman said that this will provide opportunity and life skills.

“Those community partners that we are working with and this grant will give us dollars to make sure that we are able to transport our youth, to be able to touch those different partners and those employers as if we were all in the same building,” Chatman said.

Both organizations are passionate about helping individuals getting the career training they need.

“It can pay their first months rent or a security deposit,” Machajewski said. “What it’s going to take for us to stabilize that individual and remove the barriers for them to complete this training, and to get a living wage job, will be working within this grant.”

All programs from the YWCA and Comprehensive Community Solutions are free.