ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Saturday’s mass amount of snow had plow trucks busy all throughout the stateline.

“I mean, we been out all week, so it’s not been too bad this whole week,” said Chris Keinz, owner of Snow Problem Plow Company. “We’re getting an inch here, an inch there.”

Keinz said that it all started with wanting to make extra money during the winter. The company is now five years strong, and even though this winter has not been as bad, he said that he and his team always stay ready for when the snow hits.

“Once it finally snows, people need to do the odd-even parking, you know,” Keinz said. “Help everyone out man, can get the job done a lot quicker.”

He urged drivers to give plow trucks space, saying that it takes a team of people to keep the roads clear and salted so drivers can stay safe.

“Just slow down, give yourself plenty of time, make sure your windows are clean, look at your surroundings,” Keinz said.

Keinz said that if residents absolutely have to drive in these conditions, they should make sure to slow down and leave a safe distance between other cars.

“You know, it adds up quick, the weather staying cold enough where it’s sticking on the ground, and it finally looks promising and, hopefully, February will be really busy too,” he said.