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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Saturday brought snow to Rockford, and a local snow plowing company said that they have been preparing for a while.

Everything from the drivers to the truck plows themselves have been getting prepared since November for storms like this.

“The city calls us out on three inches, and the hospital calls us out when it starts getting slippery because they have a no slip policy,” said Richard Odum, plow driver at S&J Inc.

It is important to prepare for storms like this to help keep the community safe, according to Odum. S&J Inc. has full-time mechanics to make sure that the trucks are in shape for weather like Saturday’s.

“Checking all the fuels in the plows, making sure they all function, all the hoses are good,” Odum said. “Just a reliable truck so we don’t have brake downs.”

Odum also said that it is a community effort for them do to their job effectively, so residents need to listen to the city ordinance.

Owner and CEO of S&J Inc., Steven Eisman, said that they do everything. From hospitals and commercial to residential plowing and salting, it is their priority to keep the roads clear.

“Going through all the trucks, we’re just pretty much getting ready to contact all our drivers, because we have 41 drivers,” Eisman said. “So, we are contacting all the drivers and giving them a call out time.”

Eisman said that there are ways to stay safe while driving in snow.

“If you have to go out, make sure you got a blanket in the car, water incase you break down, your cell phone to call someone,” Eisman said. “Make sure your cell phone is charged, because this is going to be a nasty storm, and try to look out for the plow truck drivers as they’re out there trying to make conditions safer for the community.”

Odum said that if they will let residents plow if they are willing to. He predicted that they will be plowing for 18 hours or more.

“Its going to be a long night, there is no telling how long we will stay out,” Odum said. “Until they say we are done.”

S&J Inc. advised people to not shovel their driveway into the street, and to wait until after their street has been plowed.

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