ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Rockford Park District Foundation is now raising funds for an indoor equine center.

It would be located at Lockwood Park, 5201 Safford Rd., on the city’s Northwest Side. The park district would need $4 to $6 million to build the facility. The Rockford Park District has committed $2 million to support the building of the center, while the park district foundation will raise another $2.4 million.

Park district administrators said that this center can play a major role in the intervention needed for stateline youth in crisis.

“Every day we’re reminded of a crisis in our community, and that is our kids are suffering dramatic mental, social and emotional health issues, cognitive health disabilities, at-risk use, kids exposed to drama, violence, substance abuse, suicide rates on the rise, it’s just a crisis its the best way to explain it,” said Jay Sandine, executive director of the Rockford Park District. “We have a very unique proven program, first of it’s kind here in the area to really hit home with a lot of our children.”

Anyone interested in donating to the Indoor Equine Center can contact Lori Berkes-Nelson, Rockford Park District Foundation Director at 815-987-1645 or donate online on the Rockford Park District Foundation’s website.