ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A local rescue has basted their turkeys, prepped their sides and are now waiting to serve up their hot heals to the community.

Rockford Rescue Mission’s volunteers have been hard at work all week, as they will be providing about 200 pounds of turkey for residents.

They said it is an opportunity to help anyone struggling and, or, those that could just use a friend.

“We have turkeys and rolls, and the traditional Thanksgiving meal,” said Abby Finley, Rockford Rescue Mission’s Marketing & Communications Director.

The turkeys are in the oven, preparing to be served up Wednesday afternoon at the Rockford Rescue Mission, 715 W State St.

“Our chefs, volunteers and staff have been hard at work prepping for this event. We are expecting to feed 500 meals [Wednesday],” Finley said. “My favorite part of the Thanksgiving banquet is being able to come along side of hurting individuals. When we think of Thanksgiving, we oftentimes have really fond memories with our family, but that’s just not the reality for everybody. Hungry, hurting individuals in our community, and they need a Thanksgiving meal.”

Finley said they have 17 turkeys to carve up, and they could not forget dessert.

“We’ve been prepping all week long. We have lots of pies ready, so we’re really excited,” Finley said. “Thanksgiving is a time when you think about sitting down with your family and having a turkey and pie, and all of that good stuff, so we try stick to that traditional Thanksgiving meal here at the mission.”

Anyone who needs a meal can sit inside, or walk up to the food service entrance on Rockton Avenue, to grab their Thanksgiving meal.

“We know the holiday season could be hard for some. There’s some individuals that can’t afford a Thanksgiving meal, or just in a really tough spot,” Finley said. “It’s just an opportunity to bring that Thanksgiving tradition to individuals that may not have it right now, just due to their circumstances that they’re in.”

Finley said it is all thanks to the volunteers who cook and serve up the hot plates.

“People are just excited to come back and serve,” Finley said. “Rockford, I think, has one of the best communities when it comes to serving people in need. People are always looking for opportunities to serve, so we’re here to welcome them at the mission.”

Finley said they are in need of volunteers for after the Thanksgiving banquet.