ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Museum goers got to play ball with the Rockford Peaches Saturday afternoon.

The “Rockford Peaches Living History Baseball League” was back in action at Midway Village Museum. People of all ages got to hit the field with the reenactors.

One visitor came all the way from Pittsburgh to join the fun. She made her own uniform to play in and spread an important message for the young girls in attendance.

“Little girls that want to play softball… there aren’t any professional teams for them to look up to,” said Tara Faggioli. “I was at a baseball game on Sunday, and you know, all of the players are men, so any little girl sitting there says, ‘oh, well obviously I can’t do that because only men do that,” and that’s just not true.”

“I think it’s good for little girls to see that you can keep playing past your wonder years. I’m past my wonder years now, not quite up there, but I think that they need to see that we’re never too old to play ball,” added Alyssa Morgan, former softball player at Rock Valley College. “Girls can do anything they want to do. Anything they want to do, they’re capable of. I think they should get the opportunity to play hockey or football, or whatever makes you happy.”

There are more exhibits on the Rockford Peaches inside the Village Museum.