ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The 5th Annual “Jaimie Cox Memorial 5K Run” was held at Roscoe Middle School on Saturday in honor of fallen Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox.

“We’ll never forget Jaimie’s sacrifice, that’s what’s important to us, so we come from the Saint Charles Elgin area and we just come out every year,” said Corporal Terri Albright of the DuPage County Sheriff’s Department.

Saturday was Albright’s fourth time coming out to the annual run. She said that she will never miss a chance to support her brothers and sister in blue, no matter the time or the place.

“To see all these people running, bringing their kids, you know, letting the kids realize the importance of law-enforcement, the importance of community responses, community assistance, is what we need to have more in our country, I think,” Albright said.

Adam Cox, co-founder of the Jaimie Cox Foundation, said that they were not sure if they could keep the run going when they first started it, or if people would continue to come, but they are pleasantly surprised of the support that keep coming each year.

“Year after year, we are blown away by the continued support in honoring Jaimie, supporting his foundation,” Cox said, “We have about 400 people registered this year.”

All proceeds go to the Jaimie Cox Foundation to support the things Jaimie loved and supported; Veterans, first responders and underprivileged youth in the Rockford region.

“You know, we are just excited to be here,” Cox said. “Like I said, fundraiser after fundraiser people keep coming out. I hope we can keep people excited about coming out to the fundraisers and honoring Jamie, and as long we get the support we’ll continue to do a lot of good things for good people.”

Both Cox and Albright said that this is only one of the ways to keep Jaimie’s legacy alive and help to continue his service.

“It’s something we don’t forget as police officers or the community don’t forget,” Albright said. “You have a fine officer such as Jaimie Cox and the work that he did for Rockford, to see this continue like this is just something that just brings, you know joy, to our hearts.”