ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Pride celebrations continued in the stateline on Saturday.

One of the events in Downtown Rockford was a little bit different. A lot of people had a blast at the 2nd Annual “Pride Point .1K Run.” The race was only 328 feet for folks to run, walk or dance.

“This is the first Pride parade that I’ve been to in 20 years,” said runner Eric McDade.

Rainbows, tutus and even high heels. McDad brought his nieces Abby and Nora to the “Pride .1K Run” in Downtown Rockford. He said that it was not only a fun event, but was also supporting a great cause.

“We’re excited to be here to do the race and to be here,” McDade said. “Obviously the gay community, just to promote love and peace amongst everybody.”

The race started outside the office, and while it did not take people long to finish, it was not about how long they walked, but the message they gave to the community. Chelsea Meyer, morning routine cohost for B103, said that event like these are important because it shows how much the country has grown.

“Coming up on the 53rd anniversary of the Stone Wall Riots that happened in 1969, I think that this is huge just to see, like, how much progress our country has made, but we still have so much growing to do,” Meyer said.

Lisa Tyler, brand manager of B103, said that this was another fun opportunity for people to support each other.

“Spreading awareness is our huge goal, and maybe there is someone that’s here today that hasn’t been immersed in this community, they can see how full of love it is and how inclusive everyone is,” Tyler said.

McDade said that he was happy to see the community come together to spread love.

“Well, I think it’s important to show the strength to the community and people coming together,” McDade said. “Gay, straight, bi, trans, whatever category you fit in, I think it’s a place for everybody.”

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Liam Foundation, which provides safe and welcoming facilities offering support, services, resources and more to the LGBTQIA+ community.