Rockford says drivers should report potholes via hotline

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Did you know the City of Rockford has a “pothole hotline” where you can report damaged streets in your neighborhood?

Winter weather can be hard on vehicles, but it can also be hard on city streets.

Last year, the City received 300 reports of potholes around the Forest City.

The mild weather this winter has helped slow the calls, but that doesn’t mean drivers aren’t feeling the effects.

“We know that they’re out there,” said Mitch Leatherby, the Street Division Superintendent for Rockford Public Works. “Requests from the public are low, but we know that there’s [sic] potholes on main streets, so we have crews out, actively addressing those.”

Nathan Kurt, manager at Kurt’s Auto and Truck Center, at 1510 Cunningham Street, said, “We’ve seen a big increase in our customers coming in with tire repairs, noisy suspension issues. We’re seeing a lot of that, right now.”

Steve Franks owns 3 Franks Paving in Beloit. Tuesday, his crews filled potholes in a local parking lot.

“When it gets cold like this, the water gets into the cracks and then it freezes and expands, and it makes the cracks get bigger,” Franks said. “Then, you get more water and it starts washing out, and that’s how you get potholes.”

Kurt says, if you hit a pothole, it’s important to take precautions.

“Right away, you’ll notice a lot of vehicles have a low tire [pressure] light that comes on. Look for that,” he said. “You’ll notice that if you got to pull all of a sudden, and you’ll notice [the car] wanting to go right or left. Even listen for noises.”

Rockford residents are encouraged to report the potholes to the city, so they can get the street repaired.

Leatherby said, “We always urge the residents to call the Street Divison. It’s 24/7. You’re always going to get someone who answers the phone. When you see a pothole, call and report it. We’ll get it filled.”

The City’s Pothole Hotline is available at 779-348-7260.


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