ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO — Rockford Public Schools said Thursday it is changing its education practices to create a “healing-centered” approach that includes “trauma-informed” teaching practices.

The “holistic approach to education” initiative, created in partnership with Alignment Rockford, acknowledges the impact that traumatic events can have on a student, and will provide better mental health services and create “safer and more supportive” environments.

“Just understanding that we are changing the community dialogue around education, we’re not going to sit and focus on you did it, you did it, and pointing fingers at each other any more,” said Alignment Rockford’s executive director Emily Klonicki. “We’re coming around a table and we’re creating shared solutions to move our community forward. We’re going to put to bed the old way of talking about education and academic success in this community and we’re going to start a new conversation moving forward.”

Alignment Rockford is seeking volunteers.