ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A Rockford teen was given a gift that kept on giving.

Ruby Garey found out that she had a sister after taking a DNA test. She said that it was a complete shock when she found out, and that they have enjoyed finding out about a lot of similarities they have.

“Without technology, I couldn’t have even thought this was possible,” Garey said.

Garey was adopted from China at 10-months-old. With no trace of her past, her parents gave her a DNA kit for Christmas in 2018.

“I was like, ‘oh, it’s going to be no big deal, I’m just going to figure out that I’m 100% Chinese,'” Garey said.

However, the results came paired with a sister.

“A part of me was like, ‘nuh uh, this isn’t true,’ because growing up your whole life knowing that you’re adopted, you don’t have anyone that looks exactly like you, it’s kind of like going into something without expectations,” Garey said. “The chances of me finding a sister that’s related to me are very slim, so I just thought that this was insane, and I’m so lucky to have that connection, especially cause it’s someone in Canada. I think that’s really cool by itself.”

Even though the girls live over 1,700 miles away from each other, they have grown to learn more about the connections they have.

“We look very similar, it’s there obviously,” Garey said. “We were just comparing different things. She has an interest in music because she plays the violin and saxophone. I play the trumpet and piano.”

Garey, and her sister Angie, plan on meeting in person for the first time this July.

“It won’t hit me until we meet in person, because then we’ll be side by side and we’ll be looking at each other, and we’ll be the same,” Garey said. “Similar, at least.”

Garey said that she has been opening herself up to learning and talking more about the reasons her birth parents had to give her and her sister up.