ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford University graduates have gone on to do great things, but they are also helping current students continue the success.

One graduate is helping them get experience.

“I wanted to give back to the university, and so, when we were looking for some help, that’s where I went,” said Brent Johnson, president of Midwest Aero Support. “You know, I like to give both Rock Valley and Rockford University students first shot at coming to work here and getting some experience.”

One of those students is Benjamin Turner, a senior majoring in financial economics. He is an intern at Midwest Aero Support.

“I found the job from one of my past professors that I loved and gave me the opportunity to start early and to get that all finished,” Turner said. “So, I’m glad I could and then turn it into a part time job.”

Midwest Aero Support manufactures and repairs parts from airplanes, such as tray tables, armrests and cushions.

“It’s a special thing when one of our graduates stays in the Rockford region, raises his family in the Rockford region, builds a business in the Rockford region that employs people in the Rockford region,” said Dr. Patricia Lynott, president of Rockford University.

Turner helps with quoting, sending and processing invoices, as well as customer service.

“I think we’re both on the same page with business and we have the same views and values of it, so I think we fit along pretty good,” Turner said.

Johnson has a degree in general studies. A class on logic that he took has stuck with him.

“That has really helped me in this business, you know, just trying to work through things by common sense,” he said.

Johnson went to Rockford’s East High School while Turner graduated from Belvidere North High School. It is the ties to the community that Rockford University is proud of.

“It’s not just like we graduate and they go away. They stay here, they make this community better and better,” Lynott said. “I mean, that sure comes kind of full circle here today, doesn’t it?”

Turner is looking forward to graduating this winter, while Johnson continues to grow his business in Rockford.