ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford University announced Friday that it would be locking in tuitions for incoming freshmen, meaning students will pay the same amount every year.

According to administrators, everyone who attends the university receives a scholarship.

Transfer students receive a minimum of $10,000, while incoming freshmen receive at least $12,000.

Megan Frankfother, the associate vice president for enrollment, said, “We hope that it is a huge benefit and families really do see the value in it. Our intention with locking in tuition is to be able to create a sense of predictability, a sense of financial security that they know what to expect all four years throughout their journey here at Rockford University.”

Rockford University introduced a “need-based” grant last year called the Horizon grant, available to students who qualify for both MAP and Pell grants. The Horizon grant can reduce tuition to as low as $5,0000 a year.