ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Veterans and members of the community came together at the LZ Peace Memorial on Monday.

Veterans lost in all wars were remembered, with a special emphasis on those from Winnebago County who served in the Vietnam War.

Much like the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C. that honors all those who died, those who served locally are etched on a wall at Midway Village.

Nick Parnello, a Vietnam veteran and president of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Society, helped create the memorial.

“The lost souls, for what? And then, when it’s all done, what do we got, you know, nothin. Nothing to justify it, and that’s what hurts,” Parnello said. “These mothers and fathers from these 69 men, they have nothing to justify why their son is on that wall, but they live with it, and they don’t have a choice. So, tragic, tragic. So, let’s hope we don’t have to build too many more memorials.”

This was the 18th year for the LZ Peace Memorial Day Ceremony.