ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Thanksgiving is a few days away, but consumers are ready for what follows; shopping deals.

With Cyber Monday only a week away, how are local distribution centers preparing? A manager at Rockford’s Amazon Air hub said that it is not only a time for the hub to get packages to customers in a timely manner, but it also gives the company an opportunity to hire more people from the community.

“This is an exciting time for our team,” said Michael Berg, general manager at Amazon Air KRFD. “We’re ramping up, it’s getting busy.”

This time of the year is peak season at Rockford’s Amazon Air hub. Berg said that they have more planes coming and going from the airport this year, packed with online orders.

“We’re growing our business here, so we anticipate doing about 100,000 more packages a day than we did last peak. Right now we’re running around 300,000 packages to the facility, so our eye on the prize is 400,000 units per day,” Berg said. “If we could do that, that would be tremendous for our site, but also tremendous for the customers that we service across the country.”

However, more volume comes with more challenges. Berg hopes that improved operations and new technology at the facility will help keep issues at bay.

“We look at peak as like the fourth quarter of the holiday season. We prepare all year for this, so everything that we do, all the strategy we put forth, countless meetings, we write like an 85-page paper that dictates almost everything that we plan to do,” Berg said. “And while you think you have a plan for everything, there’s always surprises and that happens, but again, we’ve built a really strong team here.”

Berg is confident that his fully staffed team is trained well enough to handle problems if they do arise.

“We’ve hired over 400 seasonal associates to the site, and that comprises to about 30% of our total roster,” he said.

Amazon bought their team lunch last weekend to prepare for the extra workload.