ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford’s BMO Center will open its doors this weekend for Justin Moore fans to see him play.

It will be the first event that the venue has hosted in months as they wrap up renovations. The center is finishing up “Phase 3” of a massive project that is hoping to keep a Rockford staple in tip-top shape.

“We are trying to make it fan friendly, and I think we will achieve that,” said Doug Johnson, assistant general manager of ASM Rockford. “People are going to be surprised and happy.”

ASM Rockford overlooks the BMO Center and The Coronado, and Johnson is now reflecting on the estimated $8 million project that is underway.

“Innovating, and you want to give premium amenities to everybody involved,” Johnson said. “So, upgrading to the 21st Century is a great idea, and we’ve grabbed that idea and we do some really cool stuff.”

Updates to the box office atrium, bars, lounges, as well as new grab-and-go stations, are located throughout. This was implemented in The Coronado for this past weekend’s show.

“We have a good selection of product there that you just go in, you grab it, scan it,” Johnson said. “It’s just like being self-scanned at the grocery store, that easy, simple, and you’re on your way, and that’s what people want.”

Johnson spoke on the importance of keeping up with the times and constantly innovating. The inside work looks to be done by mid-October, with the outside renovations hoping to be complete by the middle of November.

“And, we took a very strategic approach. We did a lot of data analysis and saw where our customers were coming from, so we’re broadening our horizons,” Johnson said.

Local restaurant owners are excited that the city will be more lively as the BMO Center opens up.

“And bands and musicians that go around the world and experience different arenas, you know, having an event space that’s not only fully functional, but well put together, clean and attractive, it resonates,” said Patrick Alberto, owner of Downtown Rockford’s ‘Octane.’

The BMO Center will change its entrance points for Justin Moore’s concert as construction is still underway:

Photo: ASM Rockford