ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford’s history was in the spotlight Saturday morning thanks to a social media group.

The Facebook group called “Rockford Made It” partnered with the Midway Village Museum for an event that shares the history of the city’s breweries and bottlers.

Artifacts from the collections department at the museum were on display. The purpose of the “Rockford Made It” group is to show people the city’s past and to give them a sense of pride.

A group admin said that he wants people to understand that things made in Rockford have changed the world.

“It’s kind of rewarding, because you see that people care about the history of our town,” said Gary Patton. “And that’s kind of our goal, is to create pride in our city and to understand our past better. To know who we were and what a great city we’ve been.”

Patton said that he looks forward to see what Rockford’s younger generations create that will make a difference.