ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Some changes are coming for drivers who travel along E. State Street in Rockford.

Residents will need to slow down, as the speed limit is dropping by five miles per hour. The city has been talking about doing this for a couple on months, according to 10th Ward Alderman Frank Beach. The city said that people have lost their lives on the road in accidents that could have been prevented.

“People all over the community, by in large, maybe not all, lots speed, and they exceed the speed limit,” Beach said.

That is why Rockford city officials are taking action. They plan to reduce the speed limit from 35 to 30 mph on E. State Street, starting at Fairview Avenue and going through downtown.

Beach represents residents along that stretch of road.

“In the past 13 years, I think there’s been four deaths on E. State Street in that stretch,” Beach said. “In the last year, there’s been one fatality and one serious accident.”

A 72-year-old man died there last September after being hit by a truck, and a motorcycle and SUV crashed nearby just days later. Most recently, a woman was killed in March while crossing the street, prompting city leaders to look into increasing pedestrian safety.

Jeremy Carter, Rockford’s traffic and development engineer, said that it is not the only are that will see changes. The city is also looking into installing a crosswalk near Newtowne Drive and E. State. It will alert drivers when someone is crossing, which Carter reminded to drivers that they are obligated to let them pass.

“That is something our drivers tend to forget, but it is absolutely the law that you have to stop for pedestrians at a crosswalk, no matter where it is,” Carter said.

Carter and Beach hope that lower speeds will lower the chances of accidents and fatalities.

“Now, will that stop it all? Well, I hope that will help,” Beach said.

IDOT will begin changing the signs by early summer, according to Carter.