ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) has received approval to demolish the Fairgrounds Valley apartment complex after it has was found to be “obsolete as to physical condition, location, and other diminishing factors.”

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) made the determination on the 52-year-old apartment neighborhood, located on W. Jefferson Street. The housing authority said the cost to rehab the neighborhood would cost $34 million.

“We feel this is a positive and exciting step in the development of affordable housing for our community,” said RHA CEO Laura Snyder.

The RHA says the decommissioning will take place over over “a multitude of weeks.”

RHA says it will give relocation vouchers to current residents, which will allow them to move to foreclosed single-family homes within Winnebago County which the housing authority is acquiring and rehabilitating.

“These newly renovated single-family homes will provide quality, affordable housing for our RHA residents, states Erin Woosley, RHA Redevelopment Coordinator.

The RHA says women account for 91.6% of Fairground’s current residence, and the complex is home to 360 children under the age of 18.

“At RHA we have a clear understanding of who our residents are and what they want and need. RHA provides homes for the lowest income people among us, providing dignified homes for the elderly and disabled and an opportunity for low-income families to secure stable housing while they work to climb the economic ladder to a better life”, said Snyder.