Rockford’s only black-owned private school gets a new home

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A local academy is inspiring kids to dream big and helping them by giving the tools to create future success.

Kikifers Entrepreneurial Academy owners believe this school will help create a bright future for boys and girls in Rockford.

“Being the only, and the first, black-owned private school on the West side of Rockford that’s recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education,” said co-owner Keishanda Williamson.

The academy held a celebration at their new home on Taylor Street in Rockford on Saturday. The academy is located in a new building that is estimated to be over $1 million.

Co-Owner Henry McDavid tells us that accomplishing this is part of a larger plan.

“Can you just imagine what it would look like when the dope dealer comes to the young child in the street with the offer of doing something illegal and the child says, ‘I don’t need your money, I got my own business. I got my own book. I’m on tour. That is the goal that we are shooting for to reroute the community,” explained McDavid.

The academy is a private school for students K-12. Every student is required to start a small business that generates revenue and publish a minimum of one book a year.

11-year-old Samyyah McDavid is publishing her first book.

“My book is about a detective named detective Maya and she’s searching for a missing book, but it’s a special book because the text is written in Gold and Diamonds,” said Samyyah.

As a result of creating an environment focused on entrepreneurship, Henry says the academy expects to produce their first 6-figure earner in the next year.

“You gotta’ shoot for the sky. You’ve got to dream big. One of the things we have our students do is watch other 13-year-old millionaires to see, this is how it looks and this is what you can become if you stay on this path,” said McDavid.

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