ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Friday, September 22nd marked the 45th birthday of Rockford’s “Symbol” sculpture which was installed in 1978.

The abstract sculpture was created by Kiev-born artist Alexander Liberman, and stands 47 feet tall in Sinnissippi Park along the banks of the Rock River.

It was originally installed at the corner of W. State Street and Wyman in September 1978, at a cost of $117,216, according to the Midway Village Museum; it was moved from the former pedestrian mall to Sinnissippi Park, along the bank of the Rock River, in 1984.

Liberman said the intent of the sculpture was to pay homage to Rockford’s industrial metal-bending factories.

Symbol received a once-in-a-decade wash and a new coat of paint — “Liberman Red” or “Vermillion Red” — earlier this year, in April.