ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Vietnam War-era Huey helicopter at Rockford LZ Peace Memorial at the Midway Village Museum has received a makeover.

Painters put on a new coat on Wednesday. The helicopter, which sits atop a memorial wall at 6799 Guilford Road, has been receiving updates over the past year, including new lights and reupholstered seats.

Volunteers who worked on the project said the helicopter is an important symbol for those who made it home from service in Vietnam.

“It means so much to a Vietnam veteran, because so many Vietnam veterans would not have made it out of Vietnam alive without a Huey helicopter, just like this,” said Terry Coffman, of the Vietnam Veterans Honor Society. “We call her ‘The Lady.’ She served in seven units in Vietnam and I don’t know how many lives she saved, but I’m sure it was a lot.”

The LZ Peace Memorial honors the memory of servicemen from Winnebago County who died in Vietnam.