Rockford’s women realtors continue to rise through the ranks

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Women’s Council of Realtors had their end of the year meeting Wednesday morning, taking time to shine a light on the success of stateline women.

Woman were banned admission in the 1930s from many local realtor associations, which was a big push to create their own. Now a national association of 12,000 real estate professionals, many members have gone on to serve as role models and be first in the industry and, or, in their communities.

“Our organization builds leaders,” said Lynn Hansel, board member of the Women’s Council of Realtors.

The association recognized the achievements of women in the Rockford area Wednesday. The group’s message is that women play an important part not only in real estate, but in leadership as well.

“I think it fit women very well, you know, as far as being able to do a lot of things, you know, and be able to juggle their families and businesses, and help people get their goal and their dream,” Hansel said.

Rockford Fire Chief Michele Pankow is among the women to reach a key leadership position.

“We all have some fairly similar stories, not necessarily similar in the disciple that we work in or the profession we work, in but similar in the challenges,” Pankow said.

Networking with organizations like The Women’s Council of Realtors allows women to work together, grow and gain knowledge, according to Pankow.

“Fantastic group of professionals is that you share those experiences and gain some, you know, a different perspective or learn from each other,” Hansel said

Hansel added that they are now seeing a lot more men joining the women’s organization.

“They see the value of meeting other people and the strength that we have, and getting the training.. the encouragement, that’s the word the encouragement, to go forward and be leaders,” Hansel said.

Both women said that they hope to inspire the next generation, and that through hard work, understanding, knowledge and that challenges that come along can be turned into opportunities.

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