ROCKTON, Ill. (WTVO) — There was a “Battle of the Badges” on Monday.

It is usually the fire department versus the police department, but the two departments teamed up this time to face their rival village.

Roscoe and Rockton squared off to find out who could get the most people to donate blood and save lives in turn. Every donation can save up to three lives.

“Not only traumatic accidents, but just life in general. You know, the hospitals are always looking for blood supplies,” said Jennifer Anderson, CRR officer with the Harlem-Roscoe Fire Department. “It also brings awareness that there is a constant need for blood for emergency situations that continually can arise.”

The Rock River Valley Blood Center encourages anyone who can donate to do so.

“Giving blood is the perfect way to serve your community. You know, most people that I have spoken to, they want to make an impact, they want to be a hero, save someone’s life,” said Kassidi Laurel, recruitment supervisor at Rock River Valley. “This is a very real way that you can do that with just an hour of your time, and, in fact, you are not just saving one life, one donation can save up to three lives…. three different patients right here in our community.”

Rockton Fire and Police came out on top, collecting 50 units of blood compared to Roscoe’s 41 units.

Residents who missed Monday’s event can still donate blood at anytime. The Rock River Valley Blood Center has four locations; two in Rockford, one in Belvidere and one in Freeport.