BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — Firefighters were called to the tornado-damaged Apollo Theater on Monday after a fire broke out on the roof.

Crews were called out after 1 p.m. to fight the fire.

The building has been undergoing repairs, which included a new roof.

An EF-1 tornado hit the Apollo back on March 31, with winds collapsing the roof of the historic building. More than 250 people were inside for a concert at the time. Nearly 50 were hurt and one man, Fredrick Livingston III, was killed.

The owners of the theater, Jesus and Maria Martinez, are facing at least one $50,000 lawsuit from an injured concertgoer.

Firefighters called Monday’s incident minor, saying roofing contractors were welding and the material caught fire due to sparks.

The contractors were able to apply water and extinguish some of the flames and the fire department took care of the rest.

One of the co-owners was taken to a local hospital. They overseeing work on the roof.

Work has resumed on the repairs, officials said.