ROSCOE, Ill. (WTVO) — The Village of Roscoe held a brief special meeting Tuesday night where trustees approved three different resolutions to clear the way for grant applications.

It is all to enhance Village parks and streets. It did not take long for Roscoe’s board to approve the grant applications, and one Village administrator said that this will spur further development for the area.

“These grants would really embellish and add to some of the infrastructure that’s already there,” said Roscoe Village Administrator Scott Sanders.

Sanders said that two of the three grants the village plans to apply for are through the Illinois Department of Resources.

“They are both for the expansion of recreational opportunities for our residents, both within existing parks we have at the Village now,” he said.

The grants will be used on Leland Park and Porter Park. They are looking to add a large community scale splash pad at Leland, according to Sanders.

For Porter, which is home to a disc golf course, they will have more space to work with.

“We’ve been fortunate recipients of a large piece of land, another 20 acres, adjacent to this park,” Sanders said. “And this OSLAND grant application from the DNR we’re hoping will help fund the expansion of the park and development into these 20 acres.”

The third grant is through the Illinois Department of Transportation. It will help improve Main Street and add a pedestrian bridge through the heart of downtown. Sanders thinks that people take some things for granted in their communities.

“Everyone wants a safe community, law enforcement is very important, everyone wants good roads to drive on, we just almost expect those to be a component of life,” Sanders said. “I think it’s nice when the village can take a step beyond those expectations and really start to provide things for community gathering and community enjoyment, quality of life issues.”

The Village will not get notice of award until the middle of next year, according to Sanders.