ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Below Freezing temperatures quickly rose over the past few days, meaning ice is melting. This is a concern for anyone who partakes in activities on or around the ice.

“It could vary from ice fisherman to you know snowmobilers like we discussed. Anybody just basically out doing recreational type activities,” said Sergeant Christopher Krahn of Rock County Recreational Safety Bureau. “First for most no ice is ever safe, right. So we just encourage people that if they are going to go out on the ice that they take the proper safety precautions and that they take the proper stuff with them so that they can remain safe while they are out there.”

Ice equipment like snow and ice picks are important pieces of equipment. Also floatation devices for your self are recommended. ATV’s and bigger automobiles have floatation devices as well to keep above water if they break through ice. The most important thing to do is contact 911 if there’s an emergency.

“Make sure we have a four wheel drive vehicle capable of towing. So we come in and generally with ice rescue we are going to grab an air boat cause we can use that on ice and water in case we fall through. So we are gonna grab and air boat and head out to you location. We are gonna throw ropes or whatever we can to get you safely out of the ice,” Krahn said.

Use rope or something similar if you need to help someone who has fallen through ice. Police say just always be prepared.

“Make sure you have those safety things that if something bad does happen that you have those resources to utilize to either help someone else out or help yourself out,” Krahn said.

In order to be prepared Rock County gives lessons on certain recreational activities on their website and Facebook page.