ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Heading back to the classroom is usually a tough transition.

Feelings of anxiety and stress are normal, but there is a point where it becomes too much, and a lot of that is attributed to technology. There is no escaping it these days, with computers and tablets replacing textbooks and worksheets in many classrooms.

Experts have seen more people with stress and anxiety since remote learning during COVID-19.

“Our world is so fast paced and social media is such a big part of it, but making those boundaries and limits is really important,” said Lauren Hargrave, a physician assistant at OSF Healthcare.

Tablets, computers and cell phones are a part of a person’s daily life in this day and age. Physicians are seeing an increase in the screen time when it comes to children.

“We see especially in the summers that it’s higher, especially in kids and adolescents, and so going back to school is a huge adjustment for that,” Hargrave said. “But just trying to ease into that is important and then make those limitations so that they can have a healthy relationship with those sorts of things.”

Receiving information in short clips and text could mean shorter attention spans in the classroom. A lot of time on social media can increase anxiety and have other negative effects.

“Depending on age, sometimes even more than 8 hours of sleep is needed and to stay healthy,” Hargrave said. “Know kids are developing, their brains are developing, and that sleep is so important. Try not to look at any blue screens at least an hour before bedtime, because that can really impact quality of sleep as well.”

One recommendation is to spend five minutes a day doing something one enjoys to relax and recenter themself. It is a simple step to help with overall wellbeing.

“Taking good care of yourself is so important,” Hargrave said. “Getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy, staying active as you’re able to is so important for just general wellbeing and mental health.”

If a person notices that things are irritating them more than normal or they are feeling drained or tire easily, stress could be playing a role. It does not hurt to stop in an see a provider.