ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Thousands of high school students went without prom during the pandemic, so one local senior gifted that dance to her sister this year after she missed out.

The Rivera sisters said that not having prom in 2020 was actually a blessing in disguise, because they got to experience their dream prom together instead.

“We did make this promise when she got into freshman year of high school that she was going to take me to her prom, but it never happened,” said Maria Luisa Rivera.

It all started with that promise. Camila Rivera is the older sister of Maria Luisa. She planned to take her to prom, but COVID-19 hit, and Camila never got her prom or graduation ceremony, or anything regular seniors experience in their final year of high school.

“It wasn’t in the plan, but I guess I can take her to my prom instead so she can have a little bit of closure to her rough year,” Maria Luisa said.

“It’s kinda sad, because I was supposed to take her, not the other way around, but yeah,” added Camila, a junior at Rock Valley College.

Maria Luisa is now a senior at East High School, and since her sister could not keep her promise two years ago, she decided to switch it up and bring her older sister to prom. Camila said that she did not think it was real.

“Asking for my information for the guest pass and I was like, ‘oh, so I’m actually going,’ and then I was like getting hyped,” Camila said. “I was like, ‘okay, like prom, okay,’ I was like, ‘I thought I’d never go to prom.'”

So both Camila and Maria Luisa bought their dresses and experienced prom together.

‘My sister after prom.. she was like, ‘I’m really glad I took you because I don’t think prom would have been as fun as it was without you,’ and I was like… my heart,” Camila said.

Camila also said that she is excited to see her little sister walk across the stage at graduation.

“And I’m excited to see her graduate, because in a way I’m seeing myself graduate with her,” Camila said.

Camila got closure from missing her prom, but she is even more excited to walk the stage to get her Associates Degree at Rock Valley. As for Maria Luisa, she has a full ride to Northern Illinois University to study business administration.