(WTVO) — According to a new poll, a large portion of Americans from both political parties are in favor of getting rid of democracy and using violence to achieve political aims.

The poll, conducted by the University of Virginia Center for Politics, found that 41% of supporters of President Joe Biden and 38% of supporters of former President Donald Trump said it was acceptable to employ violence to stop political opponents from attaining their goals.

The same poll found that 31% of Trump supporters and 24% of Biden supporters said democracy is “no longer viable” and an alternative system of government should be tried.

Other reported findings:

51% of Biden supporters say individuals who support the Republican party are a threat to American life; 47% of Trump supporters say the same about Democrats;

30% of Trump supporters and 25% of Biden supporters agreed that elections should be suspended in a time of crisis;

41% of Trump supporters and 30% of Biden supporters said they favored Red or Blue states seceding from the Union;

Nearly half of Biden supporters (47%) and 35% of Trump supporters said they believe the government should restrict the expression of views “considered discriminatory or offensive.”

According to Rick Hasen, the director of UCLA’s Safeguarding Democracy Project, the poll reveals “really troubling findings about democracy and the potential for violence,” saying the results signal a desire for an authoritarian crackdown.

The survey was conducted from August 25th to September 11th with a sample size of 2,008 registered voters.