So long, long lines at Illinois Driver Services Facilities

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Long waits could soon come to an end at some Illinois Driver Services Facilities.

Secretary of State Jesse White is expanding a program that offers appointments for licenses and State ID’s, he announced Wednesday.

Many locations have experienced long lines caused by the pandemic. Rockford’s Driver’s Facility on E. State Street will begin requiring appointments December 7. Customers will not need an appointment for some services, like renewing a license plate sticker or applying for a vehicle title.

Rockford resident George Borys made a quick stop to renew his license plates Wednesday. He said he is welcoming the change to appointments at the Rockford Driver’s Service Facility, because he dreads the long lines.

“Appointment is a good idea for all things, at all times,” Borys said. “An appointment…I saw people standing in lines for things like drivers test, that kind of thing. I’m sure an appointment would be good.”

Since the start of the pandemic, facilities have dealt with long wait times and lengthy lines. Roscoe resident Emily Lyles said she was preparing for the hold up.

“I actually took the day off of work today in preparation for that,” Lyles said.

Starting December 7, residents will have to pick a time and date for behind the wheel road tests, real IDs, standard driver’s licenses and ID cards.

Lyles said it gives a reassurance that people can actually get what they need done.

“Not even being guaranteed that I would be able to do what I need to do, so I love the idea of appointments,” Lyles said. “I think it’s awesome, just because today was a freak accident. I had to make sure everything was okay for childcare and everything, so normally I would have to make a lot of preparations for it.”

Lyles said the change will also make her feel more comfortable during COVID-19.

“I definitely think so, because we have more of an option to prepare ourselves to be around our family, and I guess just sanitize…it’ll give them a better option to clean to,” Lyles said.

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