Stateline families celebrate Father’s Day

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Stateline families celebrated the special men that helped raised us on Father’s Day.

“Be a role model for your child and set a good example,” Deandre Dunklin said.

Deandre Dunklin and his family are celebrating Father’s Day over barbeque from Smoking Coop BBQ Pit in Belvidere.

It’s the first time this hidden gem restaurant, ran by the patriarch of the family Jim Cooper, is open on Father’s Day.

“Being a good role model and teaching them, showing them the best way to live their life,” said Donald Severing, chef and father of five.

On the smoker, father and stepson duo Donald Severing and Mason Johnson are quickly filling orders for the restaurant’s famous bbq ribs.

Johnson says since his stepfather came into his life, he’s set an example of how to be a great man.

“The father plays the role of kind of like the mentor, guiding you through sports and school and stuff like that,” Johnson said.

For Severing, he says this is the biggest lesson he learned as both a father of two and stepfather of three.

“Patience probably will be a good one and realize that we all make mistakes and you just need to be there and be supportive,” Severing said.

He says having the privilege of working with his kids and family makes running this family business enjoyable.

“It’s fantastic actually, working with the whole family, but having our kids here makes a lot easier and more enjoyable,” Severing said.

“It’s a lot being there for my son and stepdaughter,” Dunklin said. “A father should be there in every which way they can.”

For his 5-year-old son Maddox, Dunklin says, at his age, it’s his jobs to teach him how to treat others.

“Showing respect for others and giving back,” Dunklin said.

Happy Father’s day to all the fathers, uncles, stepfathers and those who stepped in as a father figure.

Smoking Coop will remain open on Sundays through the summer.

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