STERLING, Ill. (WTVO) — Horror movie lovers can get in the Halloween spirit a bit early with an all-night horror-thon at the Midway Drive-In in Sterling this weekend.

The Flashback Weekend Dusk to Dawn Horrorfest will show four movies on Saturday, September 16th.

The night will get started with 1988’s “Child’s Play,” the movie that introduced the killer doll Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) to the world. A little boy in Chicago gets a Good Guys doll for his birthday, but doesn’t realize until it’s too late that its been possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

Next will be 1985’s “The Return of the Living Dead,” an unofficial punk rock sequel to “Night of the Living Dead” which finds employees of a medical supply company accidentally releasing a toxin into the air which reanimates the corpses at a nearby cemetery, the same place where a punk gang is killing time.

Following that is 1982’s “The Slumber Party Massacre,” notably one of the only 80s slasher movies to be directed by a woman, about an all-girl slumber party that’s interrupted by the appearance of an escaped serial killer wielding a power drill.

Finally, the night will conclude with 1990’s “Frankenhooker,” an offbeat comedy-horror film about a science student in the Bronx who rebuilds his dead girlfriend using the body parts of drug-addicted streetwalkers. From the director of the cult horror item “Basket Case.”

The movies will be accompanied by vendor booths, vintage concession ads, and classic horror movie trailers.

The Midway Drive-In is located at 91 Palmyra Road, in Sterling. The box office opens at 5 p.m.