FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — Madonna Renewal Center in Freeport received major financial support on Friday, receiving a $4700 check from a local group committed to helping throughout the county.

It’s all thanks to ‘100 Men Who Care for Stephenson County,’ a group that raises thousands of dollars every three months for a local charity. All it takes is each member chipping in $100 and voting on which charity to support.

Founding member Bill Clow says that’s the idea of ‘100 Men.’ To work together to create a bigger impact.

“One of the things that I find very rewarding about the ‘100 Men Who Care for Stephenson County’ is the opportunity to support a diverse group of charities, to have your money combined and to do a good job,” said Clow on Friday.

“It’s a way to give back to the community, to be a part of the community and support the important work that is going on.”

This quarter the group chose to support Madonna Renewal Center, a Freeport-based Christian center that supports women with counseling, child nurturing skills, self-sufficiency life skills, and more.

“We appreciate the generous support and the sacrifices they make to make sure Madonna continues to thrive” said the center’s executive director Mary Nesta Ezeanya. “There is so much need, some of our clients here are not eligible for food stamps and cash, so with the support we are receiving we continue to help them meet their basic needs.”

Since ‘100 Men’ started almost two years ago, the group has given close to $25,000 to various charities, and they’re still looking to do more.

“We’re looking to keep growing and make a bigger impact,” said Clow, who hopes others will want to assist in supporting the Stephenson County community.

For more information on how you can join or assist ‘100 Men Who Care for Stephenson County,’ visit their website here.

For more information on the services offered by the Madonna Renewal Center, visit their website here.