STEPHENSON COUNTY, Ill. (WTVO) — The family of Melissa Trumpy, who was reported missing at the end of October, says they are losing hope that she will ever be found.

Trumpy, a mother of three, was last seen leaving Monticello, Wisconsin towards Shannon, Illinois.

Her truck was found the next day, abandoned on Bolton Road, near Freeport.

Melissa Trumpy, Mandy M’Boge. Photo: Mandy M’Boge

Mandy M’Boge, Melissa’s sister, says she had begun to believe Melissa was murdered.

“Yesterday was like the 100 days anniversary of her disappearance so so 101 today,” M’Boge said on Thursday.

“I want to be able to put her to rest, I want all of us to have closure, it’s not fair to those kids, it’s not fair to us, it’s not fair to my mom as a mother to just have to not know,” she said.

M’Boge said she is not sure why Trumpy’s car was found so far away from Shannon, but said she has some ideas.

“I just think he randomly put it there to throw us off. It was just a ruse. He just parked it there. There was nothing wrong with it. Her belongings were all in it, so it was just planted there,” she said.

M’Boge is referring to Trumpy’s boyfriend, Derek Hammer, who is currently in custody in Stephenson County on a drug charge. He’s also charged in a September domestic abuse case against Trumpy in Green County.

“The one person who knows everything, he’s not talking. He lawyered up,” she said.

Derek Hammer. Photo: Stephenson County Jail

M’Boge says Trumpy’s three children need closure.

“All I hear is, ‘Aunt Mandy, I miss mommy. I want mommy to come home.’ Josie said she wanted to throw mommy a big party when she came home. How do you sit there and listen to that and their hopes, you know?” she said.

Officials have still not named a suspect in Trumpy’s disappearance, and the case is still under investigaton.