STILLMAN VALLEY, Ill. (WTVO) — Most Americans will never forget where the country was 22-years-ago Monday.

Some places have year-round reminders of the 9/11 attacks, and Stillman Valley’s fire department has a pretty powerful tribute to the lives lost that day.

The station has a unique way to keep the memory of those lost in 9/11 alive, even two decades after the initial attacks. It is one of many throughout the country that given part of a steel beam from the World Trade Center by the New Jersey Port Authority after the attacks.

“Things like this, having this in our fire station and having people coming to our fire station and visiting is such a great experience for them,” said Stillman Fire Protection District Chief Chad Hoefle.

Hoefle encourages community members to go to the station and see the beam, as well as chat with firefighters about what Monday means to them, to ensure that Americans keep their promise to “Never Forget.”