ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — It is becoming harder for Illinois schools to fill their classrooms and hire teachers, but it is also becoming harder for teachers to remain in the profession once they actually get in the classroom.

A new survey from Horace Mann found that 1 in 3 teachers surveyed are preparing to leave the field in the next three years, while 57% said that they would consider staying for more money.

The group pointed out issues with education in the state.

“Our overarching theme really was understaffing heavier workloads and financial stress,” said Kelly Ruwe of Horace Mann. “When we do these surveys, we want to understand kind of what’s going on in public education right now, and that was the resounding theme from this last survey.”

The survey showed that more support from parents and school districts, along with small class sizes, play a big role in job satisfaction.