(WTVO) — Incumbent Republican State Senator Dave Syverson has defeated Winnebago County Republican Party Chairman Eli Nicolosi for the Illinois Senate District 35 seat.

Syverson has served in the State Senate since 1993. He said that he is proud of his accomplishments, but believes he has more to accomplish, including reining in what he calls “out of control spending.”

“It is how can we deliver government services, doing it in a more cost effective way,” Syverson said. “Is there a better way to deliver, to get better results, without having to continually hit the taxpayers to pay for it.”

Nicolosi announced his candidacy for the 35th District back in July 2021. Nicolosi said he wants to bring fresh ideas to Springfield, adding issues such as job creation and tax reform will be his top priorities.

“This is the People’s seat. Anyone can run for it. I am very proud of all we’ve accomplished, working together for our community and for all the constituents we have and are serving,” Syverson said in a statement on Monday.

Nicolosi has found himself in hot water as of late, as five residents of the Cedarhurst Senior Living Center, 7130 Crimson Ridge Drive, are victims of aggravated identity theft against a person 60 years of age or older for signatures that appear on Nicolosi’s petition, according to a criminal complaint filed on April 21, 2022.

“After recently learning of these allegations, I had my office contact the board of elections, after learning I was not the target of the investigations, it was brought to our attention that this matter had previously been brought before them and was rejected by them,” Nicolosi said in a statement. “By manipulating the State’s Attorney’s office in this manner is a blatant attempt to manipulate the democratic process. “The people of this district deserve better than that.”