ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — When it comes to takeout, Chinese food is some of the most popular in America.

In fact, Chinese food is the most popular ethnic cuisine in the country, according to Chef’s Pencil. Families all over the country order Chinese food from thousands of different restaurants to have a delicious, affordable meal without all the work of cooking themselves. However, like all restaurants, some are better than others.

Find a list below of some of the best places in Rockford to order Chinese cuisine, according to TripAdvisor.

1. China Express Restaurant, 3206 S Alpine Rd: Whether you just want an order of orange chicken or want to pair it with an egg roll, China Express Restaurant has all of the fixings for a delicious meal. From different specials to coupons for free appetizers, residents can order from here without having to worry about breaking the bank. Holdthephoneplease said in their review that “the first time I tried this place, I expected it to be like all the other fast food Chinese spots in the area, but they’re so much better! Very good quality meats & everything cooked perfectly.”

2. Panda Express, 7046 Walton St: A name that is synonymous with Chinese food itself, Panda Express has been serving customers since 1983. Originally just a single site in Glendale, California, the chain has grown to now over 2,200. Fun fact: This is the restaurant where orange chicken was invented. Frank D said in his review that “the Orange Chicken was perfect Panda Express Orange Chicken. The people were friendly and quick, and the place looked clean (although I got carry-out). Zero complaints.”

3. Happy Wok, 2526 S Alpine Rd: If residents are looking for a restaurant where the chefs take pride in their food, Happy Wok is the place to eat. They strive to create dishes that are flavorful and delicious all while letting residents keep some change in their pockets. Happy Wok offers a wide selection of Chinese dishes that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Bri722 said in their review that “they actually pay attention to your order and deliver it on time. Always delicious.”

4. Number 1 Oriental Buffet, 1229 Sandy Hollow Rd: While many residents might want to enjoy a night in with their Chinese food, others might want to make it part of a night of the town. Those people should look no farther than Number 1 Oriental Buffet. Located inside Southgate Mini-Mall, residents can get their shopping done with a cheap, delicious Chinese meal to top it off. Kimz885 said in their review that the “staff is very friendly. Restaurant area is clean. Very nice verity. Food is tasty.”

5. Great Wall, 4228 E State St: From takeout to take-in, Great Wall allows Rockford residents to enjoy their food however they see fit. Serving the city for over 40 years, hungry folks can stop in and enjoy an alcoholic beverage while chowing down on delicious Chinese cuisine. Vivadeb said in their review that “we had the dinner for 2 and enjoyed the food. The waiter was attentive and helpful. We plan another visit to the Great Wall.”

6. Lung Fung #2, 2209 S Perryville Rd: Lung Fung has been serving Chinese cuisine to area residents for over 25 years. The restaurant has built a quality reputation upon their firm belief that there are no substitutes for freshness and quality. Residents can stop in for a bite to eat or take it home. Pote97 said in their review that “this is our favorite Chinese Restaurant in the Rockford area. We have tried them all and keep returning here…the food is consistently great and flavorful.”

7. Panda Express, 7200 Harrison Ave: Showing just how popular the chain is, Panda Express takes two spots in the Top 10 Chinese restaurants in Rockford, according to TripAdvisor. The restaurant is known not only for their delicious food, but their combo plates as well. Residents can get one side and up to three entrees, or why not grab a family meal for the biggest bang for your buck? 332RonW said in their review that Panda Express has “good food reasonably priced, best Chinese fast food I’ve been to.”

8. Happy Wok, 6570 N Alpine Rd: Another number, another location for Happy Wok. Offering a variety of food with an option for everyone, Happy Wok fans will never have to feel hungry again. Whether customers want to order online for pick-up or have the food delivered directly to them, the restaurant has a seamless way to get them what they want. Bigred2155 said in their review that “we have been going here since they opened and they really care about the customer and the service they provide is fantastic and the food, oh my is just so good. They have never messed an order up or over charged nor have we ever gotten bad service.”

9. Happy Wok, 4770 E State St: Okay, this is the last Happy Wok, we promise. Rockford residents just can’t seem to get enough of their cuisine, so much so that they are going on TripAdvisor to tell everyone about it. Rudy V said in their review that “while in Rockford this is my favorite Asian take out. The food is hot (and spicy if desired and I do), more than enough for one, and very tasty.”

10. City Buffet, 5555 E State St: Last but not least is City Buffet, another place where diners can eat their fill of tasty Chinese with friends and family. While the price is a little higher than the usual Chinese buffet, according to TripAdvisor user repost2, the food is guaranteed to put a smile on a hungry person’s face. Jjmcgee1 said in their review that City Buffet has a “wide variety of Asian and American foods served buffet style. Comfortable setting good for small or large group.”