ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — For years, pizza has been one of the most popular foods to order out. In fact, close to 100 acres of pizza is eaten in the country every day, according to the Washington Post.

With the popularity of pizza across the nation, it is a good thing that Rockford has many different restaurants to order a pie from. Find a list below of the top five places in the city to order a taste of Italy from, according to TripAdvisor.

1. Lino’s, 5611 E State St: Claiming themselves to be “Rockford’s Italian,” Lino’s has been serving people to the city’s residents for over 50 years. From pizza to other traditional Italian cuisine like tortellini, manicotti and fettuccine al alfredo, Lino’s has an option for all tastes and budgets. 73BW said in their review that “if you want an old school family place to go, this is it. The service was great and the place was packed…Had a salad with warm Italian sausage slices on it, darn good. The main meal was good, meat balls were small but decent. Our server was fast too. I’d like to go back and try more.”

2. Capri, 313 E State St: Those looking for tradition should look no further than Capri. They have been serving delicious Italian cuisine to the Rockford area for 60 years. From lunch and dinner menus to catering and banquet meals, Capri offers hungry customers a wide selection of dishes in whatever size they need. 526nicka said in their review that they “picked up carry out and was extremely pleased with the food. Pick up was easy and quick. Ordered pizza and salad and would definitely visit the next time I’m in town.”

3. Woodfire Brick Oven Pizza, 408 E State St: Residents who are interested in a different way of pizza cooking should look into Woodfire. They specialize in rustic wood fired pizza created with fresh and locally grown ingredients whenever possible. In addition to their pies, they also offer regional Italian dishes. Squeek33 said that “I have eaten many pizzas all over this country and I must say this was the BEST pizza I have ever had.”

4. Giordano’s, 333 Executive Pkwy: When people in Illinois think of pizza, Giordano’s is probably one of the first places that pop into their minds. First opened in 1974 on Chicago’s South Side, the restaurant has served delicious food to millions of happy and loyal fans over the past 40 years. Consistently ranking in the top of “Best Pizza” lists, Giordano’s cannot be beat. Vivadeb said in their review that “we loved the pizza…we carried out, rather than dined in, but the pizza was excellent. Very cheesy and filling. Delicious crust.”

5. Gerry’s Pizza, 7403 Argus Drive: First opened in 1978, Gerry’s Pizza is a local, family-owned restaurant with nearly 50 years of experience in providing authentic Italian food. From dine-in to carryout and on-the-go catering, Gerry’s offers delicious food on a budget. DemonBattler said in their TripAdvisor review that they “ordered from here twice during my vacation and both times they knocked it out of the park. It was delicious and prepared fast. Definitely would recommend.”