ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The 59 year old synchronized swimming club, the Valkyries performed for a sold out crowd.

“I like it because it so unique like a lot of schools don’t have it around the area,” said Katie Jensen an officer on the team.

An officer is like the captain of a sports team.

“I just remember seeing how cool all the lighting and the mural was and that’s kind of what made me wanna do it,” said Habiba Kamel an officer on the team.

The Valkyries presented “Pursuit of Happiness.” They have performed all week at Guilford High School, representing the only synchronized swimming club in Northern Illinois.

“The four us we make the routines like the opening and the finale and then we figure out who our stronger swimmers are. Then we divide up into our grades. We have the senior dance, the junior dance, the sophomore dance and then the freshman’s dance,” said Mikayla Durkin one of the officers.

The Valkyries are in charge of a few things in order to be prepared. It included, creating a music mash, decorating the room and putting on a performance of a lifetime. Many I spoke to said that practices were the best part.

“A very long day, but it was like the best day because everyone was together, yes there were some arguments, some difficulties, but everyone was together we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together we all hangout and that was like the best part I think,” Jensen said.

This year was special for that long lineage of Valkyries as the alumni took part and will be performing as well.

“You know it’s something we’ve really look forward to each week as we’ve been practicing, we all loved it when we were in high school and we just get to relive those memories and have the fun and the girls have just been so gracious to invite us back to do this,” said Petrea Meier a Valkyries Alum.

“It’s really cool to watch also it’s so interesting. We’ll be out there and they’ll be practicing and we’ll be like oh my gosh,” said Lena Andrews an officer.