BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — Aroma Hill held a grand opening, marking the first of its kind in Belvidere. Local Government says that the Cannabis Dispensary is part of an ongoing mission to continue the growth in the city.

The City of Belvidere’s 1st Ward Alderman, John Albertini, feels it was very important to bring a cannabis dispensary into his area.

“Well, one, it gives us a great income on taxes. It’ll be a big benefit to the city,” Ald. Albertini said. “Also, it’ll be a big benefit to the community. A lot of these people are seniors and paying for this facility or saving from having to drive to Rockford, they don’t drive very far.”

“Bringing a better quality of life to the community here and offering different alternatives for pain management, things like that. So we’re very, very happy for the opportunities and potential of things we can do here,” said Ryan Warren the General Manager for the Aroma Hills Location in Belvidere.

The Dispensary offers items like flower, cartridges, and edibles. They have many assortment of options as well as accessories.

“Finally, be able to bring a dispensary to a community that hasn’t had one and has had to drive, you know, upwards of, you know, 15, 20, 30 minutes to get to their nearest dispensary,” Warren said. “It’s something new and something fresh.”

The innovation for the city isn’t the only one. Walmart recently made a $1.2 billion investment. General Mills is a more than 1.3 million square foot development. A recent Stellantis agreement. Mayor Clinton Morris of Belvidere said this is all part of a larger goal.

“It’s job opportunity. If you have jobs and you can offer jobs in any community, you will be successful for your residents, for your citizens,” Mayor Morris said.

“The potential of what this area has is really unlimited,” Warren said. “We have different businesses that will be opening, you know, within the next year or so, creating this more of more of a shopping community, a consumer community here.”

The location is across the street from the Walmart Supercenter on Gateway Center Drive. The address on the website may bring you to an alternate location.