BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — A popular college admission is changing with the times.

Students will keep their pen and paper at paper at home, because the SAT will soon go digital. Local districts said that this new digital test will be more relevant and easier to give, along with getting faster results.

“Obviously, we know this generation is comfortable with electronics,” said Megan Johnson, assistant superintendent of Belvidere School District 100. “This probably feels very natural to them.”

The SAT exam is going digital. Johnson believes that the transition will be easy for the high school students.

“For the students, it’s something they are more comfortable with or more familiar, with so think it will definitely benefit our students,” Johnson said. “Personally, with our planning teams at the schools, it’s a lot to plan and secure those physical materials for each students.”

She also thinks that this will take some of the pressure off of the staff.

“We really keep up with what’s going on with these test, so we have the latest information and we’re adapting the way that we’re teaching to suit your needs and suit the test,” said Jennifer Wilz, executive director of Rockford Hunting Learning Center.

Another advantage is that many students are already doing the work online, according to Wilz.

“Because we are doing online tutoring with some students, we are also proctoring practice test online in two ways, one with a person who proctoring and monitoring them and one where it’s an automatic system that they would log-in to,” Wilz said.

Students will not be able to take the test at home. They will be administered in a school or test center with supervision. Johnson is excited for the change.

“Our students are used to taking quick assessments on theses platforms, so I think they would be much more comfortable taking the SAT on a digital platform verses the traditional paper and pencil method,” Johnson said.

The new digital test will also be shorter, and will be available starting in 2024.