PECATONICA, Ill. (WTVO) — It has been two years since a local community theater’s roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow and ice.

It has been a difficult couple of years for the Pec Playhouse Theatre, but they said that these challenges will be worth enduring once they find a new theater.

“It was very emotional for many of us, that was like our second home,” said Amy Ter Hark, vice president of Pec Playhouse Theatre. “You know, we spent a lot of time and blood, sweat and tears.”

The Playhouse has been around for 30 years after being formed by a group of Pecatonica High School students who wanted to continue doing theatre after they graduated. They were on their Main Street property for 20 years until the roof collapsed in 2021 due to snow and ice build up.

“We’ve always said, ‘Playhouse isn’t just a building, it’s a community.’ It’s a family of like-minded people who enjoy the performing arts,” Ter Hark said. “It was just devastating to see, you know, three feet of snow on the stage.”

Ter Hark has been involved with Pec Playhouse for 25 years. She said that shows will still go on even without a theater to call home.

“We did mount a show in the fall of 21 and again the fall of 22 at the Seward School Center,” she said.

The First Congregational Church of Pecatonica will be their new stage this year for their production of “It’s a Wonderful Life Live Radio Show.”

“We’re looking forward to a new partnership and a new venue and doing a show,” Ter Hark said. “You know, what we do best.”

Ter Hark added that it has been a challenging two years, but she is hopeful that others will continue to support the Pec Playhouse Theatre.

“We’ve always been committed to rebuilding that. There was never a discussion of, ‘well, should we just fold, you know, and go on our separate ways?’ We always wanted to rebuild and always wanted to stay in Pecatonica,” she said. “So, yes, we are staying positive and looking forward to getting back to doing what we do best, and that’s quality community theater.”

Pec Playhouse is currently working with the Village of Pecatonica and a private landowner to acquire some property near downtown to rebuild and have a place to call home again.

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