CARROLL COUNTY, Ill. (WTVO) — Search crews continued to look for Melissa Trumpy Tuesday.

The 37-year-old was last seen leaving work in Wisconsin in October, and her family believes she was heading towards her boyfriend’s house in Carroll County.

Carroll County Sheriff Ryan Kloepping gave a better look at what those searches consist of, and said that they will not rest until Trumpy is found.

“This is high priority,” Kloepping said. “This is as high as they come for our county.”

There is still no sign of Trumpy after nearly 40 days and countless searches. Kloepping said his department has done every type of search they physically can, but are nowhere near done.

“We have a large team of investigators working on this case, they’re working on it everyday every night. We haven’t stopped since day one and we aren’t going to stop,” Kloepping said. “As the information gives us new areas to search, that’s what we’ll continue.”

Trumpy was last seen leaving work in Green County, Wis. It is thought that she was headed to her boyfriend’s house in Carroll County, but her car was found the next day in rural Freeport.

“We’re looking at every aspect at this point,” Kloepping said. “Missing person, homicide, we’re looking at every aspect.”

Several agencies are now involved, and search crews are using drones, cadaver dogs and helicopters. Kloepping said that the searches include looking for remains.

“There are cases out there where charges have been filed without a body, so it’s always a possibility,” Kloepping said.

Kloepping would not confirm if someone has been named a person of interest in Trumpy’s case.

“That’s something that’s all done through our attorneys involved,” Kloepping said. “There’s certain things we don’t release so we don’t hurt the investigation. We want to make sure everything is done properly for the family so they can get the answers they need.”

Green County District Attorney Craig Nolen said he thinks that this is a homicide case.

“Given the fact that today’s November 30, we’re looking at 35 days, give or take,” Nolen said “We’re operating under the assumption that there’s a no-body homicide fundamentally.”

However, Nolen and Kloepping are hopeful that answers will come soon.

“Hopefully, we can locate her as soon as possible,” Nolen said. “I was hoping that we wouldn’t be here on November 30.”

“If you are on your properties, see anything, hear anything, see anything suspicious that you think might be linked to this case, please call us,” added Kloepping.

Any information on the case should be given to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, (815) 244-2635.