OREGON, Ill. (WTVO) — The arrest of Sarah Safranek is bringing some relief to the family of Nathaniel Burton. We spoke to Nathaniel’s aunt and grandfather. They tell us they wish they had more time with him.

“We had our time cut really short with him,” said Nathaniel’s Aunt Kaitlyn West.

Kaitlyn West and Troy Safranek, Sarah Safranek’s sister and father never thought they would lose Nathaniel at only seven years old.

“She has said from the very beginning when he was very young that she felt disconnected from him. She didn’t really want him,” said West.

West says Nathaniel spent time with a foster family and that’s when he was the most stable

“I believed that was where he was safe, he was loved, he was 100% cared for, and I thought as long as he’s there he will be fine, he’ll have a great life and he might actually have a chance,” added West.

She even testified in court for the foster family to gain full custody of Nathaniel.

“We’ve always wanted what’s best for all of her kids, especially Nathaniel,” she said.”This feels like half justice.”

“There’s been some justice with all this, but Sarah being my daughter and her being incarcerated at this point is only half the justice,” said Nathaniel’s grandpa Troy Safranek.

Now, they’re holding on tight to the memories they shared with Nathaniel.

“Nathaniel was always a good kid,” added Safranek.

“He always loved playing with the kids, we’d get together for Christmas, and he and my son were really close in age. They would always play together, he was just so kind,” West said. “He was just so full, he would have energy forever and just go, and go and go once he knew you.”